community art installtion


Tali Buchler with Noa Mer

Location: Zichron Yaakov, Israel, shoping center
Materials: used plastic bags, nylon rope, irrigation pipe. 
Photography: Milli Bar Yona

This is a community art installation made of used plastic bags, located in a shopping center. For a period of 2 month we had an open activity for the public in a central location of the mall.
We have developed a plastic bags sculpting method that is simple enough for kids to do. We used this method to make ‘beads’ that are stranded together into necklaces that forms an installation that looks somewhat like a pendant necklace or a chandelier.
Anyone could take part of the making of the installation. gradually we added more and more strands of plastic beads as we progressed in the making of the installation.

There were 3 main purposes for this installation. One  was to raise awareness to the amount of plastic bags we use, offering an alternative multi-use shopping bags to everyone participating in the installation. second was to make something beautiful out of waste, and third was to offer the alternative experience of making, in an environment that is all about consuming.